Axis & Allies Global 1940 ANZAC strategy

I’m not going to say this is a for sure best strategy for ANZAC (or that it’s always possible) but the following is what I did in an Axis & Allies Global 1940 game when in charge of ANZAC.

Declare war on Japan

Declaring war on Japan allows for a couple of things:

  • Declaring war on Japan makes two National Objectives available for ANZAC (5 IPCs each – if not at war with Japan these can’t be collected, even if the objectives are fulfilled)
  • Declaring war on Japan allows ANZAC to land in Chinese territories

That said, declaring war on Japan also brings the United Kingdom into war war with Japan (this may not be a big deal depending on the situation but it’s something to think about).

Increase IPCs

ANZAC, to be effective, needs money. That need leads us to two options:

  • Fulfill National Objectives: There are two objectives in Global 1940 that provide ANZAC with an extra 5 IPCs each — but, as mentioned above, both require declaring war on Japan in order for them to be activated:
    • 5 IPCs if an Allied power controls Malaya and ANZAC controls all of its original territories.
    • 5 IPCs if the Allies (not including the Dutch) control Dutch New Guinea, New Guinea, New Britain, and the Solomon Islands.
  • Gain territories: The easiest wins here are taking over the nearby Dutch territories: ANZAC may “… move units into Dutch territories as a noncombat movement at any time, as long as those territories have not been captured by an Axis power. It may actually take control of Dutch territories (gaining their IPC income) by moving land units into them.”

Protect Australia with boats

You not only need to gain territories but also defend against Japan eventually (if not immediately!) coming down and looking to take over Sydney.

While you’ll want some land units in Australia, if funds permit I’d also have an aggressive sea unit strategy that can delay Japanese units on their way to Australia. Those same units can also help with getting ANZAC units on nearby territories (to increase IPCs) and in aiding UK Pacific if necessary.

Side note: The United States can likely help

Even if the United States are not brought into the war by Japan (rounds one through three) they can still play a role in the above-mentioned strategy.

The United States not being brought into the war ‘early’ allows them to bring some ships down ANZACs way to act as a buffer of sorts, provided there isn’t an urgent need to focus on defending the west coast of North America (which is likely the case). Just having American sea units in the south Pacific can provide some subtle protection for ANZAC against Japanese aggression.

The United States being brought into the war early gives them an instant jump in IPC income and thus allows it to help ANZAC if Japan exerts its naval power in the south Pacific Ocean. However, this is only an option if the US deems that’s a better use of funds versus making movements in the Atlantic – or focusing on the north Pacific.

Final thoughts

The above, of course, only likely works well if Japan focuses heavily on land battles (i.e. taking out China and moving towards the Soviet Union). If Japan immediately gets aggressive with the southern part of the Pacific Ocean (the Dutch territories, India and such) then then the above will be more difficult.

Let me know in the comments below what you think of the above and how you typically play ANZAC in Global 1940. Enjoy the game!

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