Axis & Allies Global 1940 – USA: Things you need to know

You’ve drawn the powerful USA in your Axis & Allies Global 1940 game. What things should you be aware of before you get playing? I’ve compiled some things below. Got more? Please comment at the bottom of this post!

The basics

  • Starting income is 52 IPC
  • Begins the game not at war with anyone

Restrictions when not at war

When not at war, the US is restricted in the following ways:

  • Cannot move land or air units into neutral territories
  • Cannot move units into, use ships of, or use naval bases of another power (and vice-versa — another power cannot do the same of the US) – this includes Allied powers
  • Cannot end movement of sea units in sea zones that are adjacent to Japanese-controlled territories [When not at war with Japan]
  • May only end the movement of its sea units on the Europe map in sea zones that are adjacent to US territories — other than one exception: war ships (not transports or submarines) may conduct long-range patrols into sea zone 102 [When not at war with Germany or Italy]

In addition, regular rules apply for powers not at war with each other:

  • Ships don’t block other ships
  • Ships can occupy the same sea zones
  • Cannot attack other power they are not at war with

Declaring war on any Axis power

The US can declare war on an Axis power under the following scenarios:

  • An Axis power declares war on the US
  • An Axis power captures London or any city in North America
  • Japan declares war on the UK or ANZAC
  • As an attacker, on the American’s fourth turn (technically during the ‘Collect Income’ phase of its third turn)

Industrial complex upgrade once at war

Minor industrial complexes in Eastern United States, Central United States and Western United States are upgraded to major complexes (at no cost) when the US enters the war. When not at war, they could have been upgraded under regular rules.

National objective and bonus income

When at war:

  • 10 IPCs if controls all of the following territories:
    • Eastern United States
    • Central United States
    • Western United States
  • 5 IPCs controls all of the following territories:
    • Alaska
    • Aleutian Islands
    • Hawaiian Islands
    • Johnston Island
    • Line Islands.
  • 5 IPCs if controls all of the following territories:
    • Mexico
    • South Eastern Mexico
    • Central America
    • West Indies.
  • 5 IPCs if controls Philippines
  • 5 IPCs if there is at least 1 United States land unit in the territory France.

Other items

  • San Francisco is not considered to be a capital
  • China has a United States fighter unit:
    • considered part of the Chinese forces
    • cannot leave territories that the Chinese forces are restricted to (including to attack and return)
    • cannot be replaced if destroyed

Good to know about the enemy

Japan’s Kamikaze defense option

Japan has special defensive Kamikaze strikes available to them:

  • 6 strikes per game
  • against surface war ships (i.e. not a submarine or transport)
  • can only be made in sea zones with a Kamikaze symbol
  • can be used if an Allied player attacks Japanese units or declares an amphibious assault (from one of the Kamikaze-marked sea zones)
  • Kamikaze strikes are resolved prior to combat — i.e. casualties are removed from the board before the attack commences
  • Japan must indicate which enemy ship will be struck before dice are rolled
  • More than one Kamikaze can be set to strike a single ship
  • Rolls of 2 or less count as a strike
  • Kamikaze strikes prevent offshore bombardment (even when not successful)

Japan’s bonus IPC earning potential

Japan’s bonus IPCs are earned in the following ways (when it is at war):

  • 5 IPCs if Axis powers control all of the following territories:
    • Guam
    • Midway
    • Wake Island
    • Gilbert Islands
    • Solomon Islands.
  • 5 IPCs per territory if Axis powers control:
    • India (Calcutta)
    • New South Wales (Sydney)
    • Hawaiian Islands (Honolulu)
    • Western United States (San Francisco)
  • 5 IPCs if Axis powers control all of the following territories:
    • Sumatra
    • Java
    • Borneo
    • Celebes

Do you have anything else to add? Hit me up with a comment below.

4 thoughts on “Axis & Allies Global 1940 – USA: Things you need to know”

      • yes. Germany is at war with France and the UK. The UK and the ANZAC have a strong alliance. as soon as Japan attacked the US, Germany and Italy followed verry quickly declaring war on the US. Germany, Italy and Japan formed the tripartite agreement, to help each other if they were attacked.

  1. I think Battleships should roll 2 dice, because they cost 20 IPC, and battleships do a lot of damage in real life. Destroyers should roll a dice of 2 on amphibious assault, they supported all types of landing operations. Mechanized Infantry should be able to attack at 2, because they move faster and carry heavy weapons. Air transport cargo planes were used by most army’s before and during the WW-II. Plains should be available from the start of the game. Air transport cargo planes should have a move of “6”, carry only 2 infantry soldiers, cost 5 or 6 IPC. U.S. Army Retired 22 years of service.


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