Axis & Allies 1941

Axis & Allies 1941 (released in 2012) is a global WWII game that was released as a simplified and shorter-playing version of previous versions. Estimated time to play is 1.5 to 2 hours. It is suggested that this version is a good starter game for those looking to get into playing the Axis & Allies series of board games.

The Axis forces consist of Germany and Japan, with the Allies consisting of the UK, USA and Soviet Union. The game is won by controlling any 2 enemy capitals at the end of the turn.

Regular Axis & Allies players will notice tweaks such as industrial complexes printed on the board (as opposed to being markers) and newly styled unit pieces.

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Rule Books:

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  • Players: 2-5
  • Board dimensions: 32 x 17.5 inches or 83 x 44 cm
  • Global board
  • Allies: United Kingdom, Soviet Union, United States
  • Axis: Germany, Japan

Game Primer Video:

A Closer Look:

Game box.

Axis & Allies 1941 - Game box.

Inside the box.

Axis & Allies 1941 - Inside the box.

Board art.

Axis & Allies 1941 - Board art.

Game board.

Axis & Allies 1941 - Game Board

Game dice.

Axis & Allies 1941 - Dice

Mobilization zone.

Axis & Allies 1941 - Mobilization zone.

Game board ready to play.

Axis & Allies 1941 - Game Board Ready to Play

New cardboard chips.

Axis & Allies 1941 - New cardboard chips.

Setup information now on rulebook.

Axis & Allies 1941 - Setup Chart

Soviet units.

Axis & Allies 1941 - Soviet Units

Australia, with an industrial complex printed on the board.

Axis & Allies 1941 - Australia

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There is your quick review of ‘1941’ version of Axis & Allies. Be sure to check out all of the other versions of Axis & Allies as well!

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