Axis & Allies (Classic)

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The initial release of Axis & Allies, under a different manufacturer, occurred in 1981. The ‘Classic’ version was released in 1984 and has retroactively been referred to by the ‘Classic’ moniker. Many sources also reference a 1986 release referred to as ‘2nd Edition’. Some of the files below will be of the ‘2nd Edition’.

The game takes place in the spring of 1942, with the five major powers in the middle of World War II. The board is a global view, where the state of play wraps around from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans.

Rule Books:

Forum Discussions:



  • Game begins in the Spring of 1942
  • Board dimensions: 33 x 19.5 inches or 83 x 50 cm
  • Global board
  • Up to 5 players can play
  • Allies: United Kingdom, Soviet Union, United States
  • Axis: Germany, Japan

Game Primer Video:

A Closer Look:

Game board art.

Axis & Allies Board
Axis & Allies Board Game

Game box.

Axis & Allies Game Box

Attack and Defend board.

Axis & Allies - Attack Defend Card

National Production and Weapons Development board.

Axis & Allies - National Production + Weapons Development

Player pieces on display.

Axis & Allies Player Pieces

Board setup at the start of the game.

Axis & Allies - Start of Game Board

Game pieces.

Axis & Allies - Game Pieces

US army looking on, across the Atlantic.

Axis & Allies - USA Looking On

American navy and air force units.

Axis & Allies - USA Navy

Australia on the game board.

Axis & Allies - Australia

Germany at the start of the game.

Axis & Allies - Germany at Start of Game

Japanese army.

Axis & Allies - Game Pieces


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