Axis & Allies gift ideas

[Updated December 8, 2023]

Christmas is almost upon us, and you may be seeking the perfect gift for the Axis & Allies player in your life. Fortunately, we have a few Axis & Allies gift ideas. Let’s get started.

Battle Gear

When playing Axis & Allies, you want to look good. This is battle! You look good, you play good — or something like that. A simple t-shirt is a good place to start.

How about a t-shirt that includes all the country symbols of the powers in Axis & Allies? It’s fairly inexpensive, and comes in a zillion different colors. Available as a women’s t-shirt as well.

Axis & Allies t-shirt with country symbols.

Another t-shirt favorite tends to be the tank-logo exclusive to (yes, also available in women’s sizes).

Axis & Allies t-shirt with tank logo.

Winter Battle Gear

Hanging out in the basement for hours and hours in the winter (playing Axis & Allies, of course!) may require a bit bulkier battle gear than just an A&A t-shirt. The good news is Axis & Allies hoodies are available for your gift-giving needs.

Maybe a hoodie with a simple tank logo?

Axis & Allies hoodie with tank logo.

Or, something a bit different. For the beer/axis-and-allies-lover, the new “Axis. Allies. Beer.” hoodie.

Axis & Allies hoodie: Axis. Allies. Beer.

Battle Headwear

Your Axis & Allies nerd (sorry, player) may be be more of a hat-wearer. We’ve got that covered, too.

How about the tank logo on a dark ball cap? This cap is available in navy and black.

Axis & Allies cap with tank logo.

Is the trucker cap more their style? We’ve got you covered.

Axis & Allies trucker cap with tank logo.

Drink Like a Champ

These long games of Axis & Allies require a heavy dose of beer, chips and pizza (at least ours do?!). Your A&A friend can drink out of whatever lame cup is available in their buddy’s kitchen OR can show up in style with their own Axis & Allies themed drinkwear.

How about a camper mug with the A&A country symbols printed on it? Bam.

Axis & Allies mason jar.

More direct, possibly, is the “Axis. Allies. Beer.” mug.

Axis & Allies mason jar with 'Axis. Allies. Beer.'

Maybe something team specific – such as this this German mug?

German mug for Axis & Allies

‘Stuff’ Carriers

Maybe the person on your Christmas list brings custom pieces to the game? Maybe they like to bring a few cans of beer to the match? Maybe they refuse the plastic bag at the grocery store and like to bring their Dill Doritos in a reusable bag? We’ve got them covered for all their ‘stuff’ carrying needs.

The battleship cinch bag is a nice one. You can choose from a few solid colours – and the battleship logo is pretty sweet.

Battleship cinch bag.

Likewise, the tank logo tote bag will help carry the various game-day accessories.

Tank logo tote bag for Axis & Allies

Pre-game Strategy Helper

Your friend spends hours with pre-game strategy, working that computer mouse like the champ he or she is. Let’s make this happen in true Axis & Allie style with a battleship mouse pad.

Axis & Allies mouse pad -- Battleship

That’s All?

Nope, we have much more to choose from. Get into the various product categories to see our full inventory.

We hope this helps you find that perfect gift for your Axis & Allies playing friend.

Oh, one more thing. See a design in our Axis & Allies store but it’s not in the colour you would like? See a design that you like but want it on a different t-shirt, hat, etc? We can put together something custom for you. Simply leave your request in the comments below and we’ll do our best to add that item to the online store.

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