Axis & Allies Europe

Axis & Allies Europe (released in 1999) is set in the Spring of 1941 during World War II. Operation Barbarossa is in sight for Germany to attack the Soviet Union, and so to is the Battle of Britain. The United States gets into play slowly by providing supplies across the Atlantic Ocean, facing German subs and ships disturbing the convoys.

The game features a beautifully coloured game board with great art helping to convey the feel of WWII.

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  • Board Dimensions: 30 x 20 inches or 75 x 50 cm

Game Primer Video:

A Closer Look:

The Axis & Allies Europe game box…

Axis & Allies Europe Game Box

… and game board.

Axis & Allies Europe Game Board

Game board all set up and ready to play. Tasty beverage optional.

Axis & Allies Europe - game board

Oh, you’ll need more table room for all the accessories. An ironing board may do the trick!

Axis & Allies Europe - Extra Table

You’ll need money to fight this war. IPCs shown below.

Axis & Allies Europe - IPCs

National Production Certificates board.

National Production Certificates - Axis & Allies Europe

Player reference chart.

Player Reference Chart - Axis & Allies Europe

Setup guide appears on reference chart.

Setup Guide - Axis & Allies Europe

New pieces introduced with Axis & Allies Europe.

New pieces for Axis & Allies Europe

New pieces in Axis & Allies Europe

New plastic design on unit pieces – and colour change.

New piece design and colours - Axis & Allies Europe

Capture task for Axis: The oil rich Middle East.

Middle East Capture Target - Axis & Allies Europe

Convoy zones come into play.

Convoy Ship Zones - Axis & Allies Europe


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There you have it. Your quick guide to getting started with Axis & Allies Europe.

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