Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition

Find Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition (released in 2008) information, helpful links, videos and photos below. All external links open in a new window.


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Game Primer Video – Spring 1941 setup:

Game Primer Video – Spring 1942 setup:

A Closer Look: Spring 1941

The Axis & Allies Anniversary game box.

Axis & Allies Anniversary: Game Box

Inside the box: Each of the 6 powers has its own box for storing units and information cards: The United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Soviet Union, Italy, and Japan.

Axis & Allies Anniversary: Inside the box.

Inside each individual game box: Various units for board placement.

Axis & Allies Anniversary: Inside Game Box

The powers – as shown on the game board.

Axis & Allies Anniversary: The 6 Powers

Full game board and accessories. You’re going to need a lot of room for this game!

Axis & Allies Anniversary: Open Game Board

Unit costs, movement allowance and attack/defend values (as shown on the game board).

Axis & Allies Anniversary: Unit Cost, Movement, and Attack/Defend Parameters

Capital city markers. The objective is to capture x capital cities (decided prior to beginning the game).

Axis & Allies Anniversary: Capital City Markers

National Production Chart at the beginning of the game.

Axis & Allies Anniversary: National Production Chart - 1941

Setup cards for placing units at the beginning of the game.

Axis & Allies Anniversary: Setup Cards

Up close: The US navy fleet.

Axis & Allies Anniversary: US Navy Fleet

Up close: Japanese navy fleet.

Axis & Allies Anniversary: Japanese Navy Fleet

Up close: Australian territory, including capital city Sydney.

Axis & Allies Anniversary: Australia

Up close: US and Chinese infantry are similar in color.

Axis & Allies Anniversary: US & China Infantry

Ready to play? Please drink responsibly. The future of the world is at stake.

Axis & Allies board: Drink Responsibly!

A Closer Look: Spring 1942

Capital city markers, notably different from the Spring 1941 setup.

Axis & Allies Anniversary: Starting Capital Cities - 1942

German setup at the beginning of the game. Germany has the advantage in Spring 1942.

Axis & Allies Anniversary: German Setup for 1942

UK setup at the beginning of the game. Note the US bomber.

Axis & Allies Anniversary: UK Setup - 1942

China setup at the beginning of the game. Note the US fighter.

Axis & Allies Anniversary: China - 1942

National Production Chart at the beginning of the Spring 1942 version.

Axis & Allies Anniversary: 1942 National Production Chart


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There you have it. A breakdown of Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition. Enjoy the game!

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