Convoy Rule in Axis & Allies 1940: Calculating Damage

The Convoy rule in Axis & Allies 1940 (Europe, Pacific, Global) isn’t the most easily written rule in the rule book. Below is a summarized version.

If an enemy warship is in an opponents’ sea zone with a ‘convoy’ marker, the IPCs collected at the end of a turn can be reduced based on convoy damage inflicted, per below.

How many dice do I roll?

  • for each battleship, cruiser, destroyer: roll 1 dice
  • for each submarine or air unit (air unit on a carrier): roll 2 dice

How do I calculate IPC damage?

  • Ignore rolls of 4 or higher
  • Add up the values of the remaining dice (i.e. rolls of 3 or less) to determine the total IPC damage*

* the total damage value cannot exceed the IPC value shown on the board for the adjacent defending territory/territories — even if it’s on the receiving end of multiple convoy disruptions.

An example of convoy damage calculation, as swiped from the rule book:

Axis & Allies 1940 Convoy Damage Example

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