Custom Table for Axis & Allies Global 1940

Hi there,

Our group have designed our very own Axis and Allies table big enough to play the largest game, Axis & Allies Global 1940. It is made with wood, and supplies are from our local home hardware store. It works well, and we are able to play out our G40 game right through to the very end.

Here is a look at the construction of the table via our own video

It’s like a step by step process. If it inspires you to do a creation yourself, you can either copy this one or certainly make notes.

The table lives in the basement of our games room. There is room for improvements which we intend adding this year sometime. I will keep you updated.

Okay, happy gaming!



4 thoughts on “Custom Table for Axis & Allies Global 1940

    1. jon


      Now that is a big board compared to the original OOB game! Well done and thanks for sharing with us. I am going to post this on our Facebook page if that’s okay with you as other AnAers have to see this!

      The painting of the pieces are incredible too, I have done a few units myself, not a pro but it sure does take a lot of love but a lot of time to make you feel proud when playing this game.

      Our built table is perfect for G40 and enough space to put drinks AROUND the map, and with the flexy glass and lower shelf to store Nation box, and now with the cover, it prevents the dust.

      Any modification is great to see.




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