When Liberating a Country, That Country’s IPCs Revert Back to the Liberated Country

I just did a quick bit of ‘googling’ to find the answer to this:

If a country is liberated (so, they weren’t collecting any more IPCs and may not even be anywhere on the board anymore), what happens once they’re liberated in terms of IPC/income/etc.

For example, if ANZAC is virtually out of the game (no control of Sydney and thus no IPC collection), and then gets liberated by the USA (i.e. the USA gains control of Sydney) what happens IPC-wise at that point?

According to this helpful thread, in the above scenario ANZAC would be back in the game and collect IPC income on any territories that were originally ANZAC and are now controlled by an Allied member. I assume there would be some fancy IPC board adjustments made at this point. A transferring of IPC values from the liberator to the liberated.

Well pointed out in the same thread, with (in this scenario) ANZAC regaining control, ANZAC would begin the next round without any income to purchase units, and thus could possibly be overtaken easily. If the liberator came in with enough firepower that then secured Sydney, they may be able to withstand one round without any new units.

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