Axis & Allies Stickers

What? Axis & Allies stickers? Yep. Our friends at Spreadshirt just added vinyl stickers to their line up, and we dove right in. I’m thinking these may be a no-brainer for a good chunk of Axis & Allies players.

What’s the deal with the stickers?

  • sell for around $3.50 each (US dollars)
  • maximum 4-ish inches (10 cm) long/wide, depending on the design (i.e. square designs will be roughly 4×4 inches)
  • waterproof
  • “durable and temperature resistant”
  • “can be removed from most surfaces without leaving any adhesive residue” – within three years

What can you get? We’ve started off with a few of our unit icons (battleship, bomber, etc.) that you see on our t-shirts, along with the various country symbols that you see on the game roundels — some of which are shown below.

Axis & Allies Stickers - Battleship and Bomber
Axis & Allies Stickers - UK and Germany Symbols

See all the Axis & Allies stickers we have for sale, and let us know where you stick yours (in the comments below)!

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