Playing China

Let’s say you’re the one who plays China in Axis & Allies. That means you’re likely playing one of the other Allied countries, and have China tacked onto your role. Playing the US? You’ll likely also be playing China.

Due to China’s limited capabilities and special rules you may feel that playing China is not the most productive use of your time. But guess what? The US President (Elect – at time of time of writing) loves China. People think he doesn’t like China — He loves China. How can you not love China?

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  1. I’ve spent hours on the internet trying to figure out how to play with someone over Skype. I don’t have a computer for the tripleA hoopla and I’m a hermit so, not many friends to play face to face. The only reason I’m even wasting my knuckle juice asking you guys for help, via pointing me to some sort of hope in success, is that you’re Canadian.
    I grew up in the back woods of Maine and I know a good ol’ boring hibernation. Any way I could get help in this endeavor? All I have is 1942 revised, Skype, and an android phone.


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