Axis & Allies ‘Team Allies’ T-Shirts

We’ve got a game of Axis & Allies going on next weekend, and I’ve drawn to be part of the Allied forces. What, you may ask, should you wear to the first Axis & Allies match of the year? How about an Allies forces t-shirt?

There are more than a few options in our Axis & Allies clothing store, such as the following hip designs. For each, you can select from various colour combinations. Click the shirt to have customization options open in a new window.

Axis & Allies T-Shirt: Allies Fighter Axis & Allies T-Shirt: Team Allies - Men

Axis & Allies T-Shirt: Team Allies - Women Axis & Allies T-Shirt: Royal Air Force (UK)

Axis & Allies T-Shirt: UK Army Axis & Allies T-Shirt: USA Fighter

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