30 Years Axis & Allies Game Board

Hi WW2 Gamers,

Is it really 30 years since Milton Bradley came out with Axis & Allies??! This Global game designed by Larry Harris shocked the world of board gamers by issuing this World War 2 board game. Imagine back in the day of the 80’s when MB Games was booming with Guess Who? Fireball Island, Battle Ships, Twister, Down Fall and mixed in was new Axis & Allies. Somehow it worked, and it has been a continuing success with every version Larry Harris has created. This link axisallies.com have created here will give you a better look inside this 1984 game of Axis & Allies. Enjoy


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  1. Hi, I produced Some variations of a & a, is there any way you might be interested in taking over these allready quite advanced developed games?
    These are;
    A&A Israël (backed by the USA) vs Syria, Iran and Turkey, backed by Russia
    Korea. South backed by USA and Japan and North backed by China and Russia
    A&A 1939
    Operation unthinkable. Idea of Churchill after dealing with Germany, confronting Russia. In this game Russia allies with Japan (1 and 2, because the USA split the Japanese empire in two
    A&A 2025: contemporary world order (the west) vs challenging world order ( China, Russia and the muslim world).
    I would like to hear from you about nu ideas, I have lots of photo’s and plots for every game


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