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I am excited to announce we got the inside scoop from our Design dept. that they have been working at a new angle to provide designs in the way of

Lest We Forget Flypast - Mouse pad Horizontal

Remembrance of those who fell at War. The 11th of November is a date us folk don’t forget. The 11th Hour, of the 11th Day, of the 11th Month where thousands of services form to Remember those of the armed forces and dies in line of duty. It was at this time, all fighting stopped, hence why 11.11.11.

With these new designs, it’s our way to show that we do care about the real world aside to the actual game of Axis and Allies

Services are normally on the 2nd Sunday of November where Poppies are worn in respect to those who fell fighting for their country. At 11am exactly, the Clock tower rings in 11am, and a two minuet silence takes place. Armistice Day however is always on the 11th of November.

A Memorial Fly Past if lucky can be seen. In London there is the BBMF involving the RAF Avro Lancaster Bomber, Hurricane and Spitfire. In Toronto where is based, we too get the RCAF Avro Canadian Lancaster ( only Britain and Canada have the very last two Lancaster Bombers that fly ).

It was in 1919, November the 11th came about by The Royal Family’s King, King George V who wanted to mark to the end of the great World War, un known that to follow was the 2nd World War just 20 years later.

Nearly all Commonwealth Countries stick to the traditional name, but other countries such as the USA, refer it’s name to Veterans Day.

Remembrance Day 11 11 11 - Unisex Stars & Stripes T-Shirt

We will have new designs for ANZAC Day, VE Day and the other Remembrance days held in the year. If you’d like anything not covered, let us know. It’s the word of mouth that gets the information to us here at

Thank You.


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