New Face Masks in our store

The new trend is still going to be around for a while, so we all better get used to it. It is essential to do our part when out and about, visiting friends, shopping, daily life and even playing games.

Axis. Allies. Beer. Axis & Allies

Not all is a shut down, and if we don’t like the basic provided hospital face masks, the there are options to buy your own personal masks or bandana’s or face shield. But be safe to everyone around you, keep the 2 meters distance, we want to win this virus as soon as possible.

Great War Dates
Infantry at ready for action.

Here are some of the masks we have, we are always uploading more designs fitted to Axis and Allies. You know where to find them…that’s right, the clothing store! Make sure to scroll down and select the colour tab on the left to see other versions.

Stay safe and mask up!


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