Axis & Allies Global 1940 2nd Edition tutorials by Young Grasshopper

Young Grasshopper @ The Cliffside Bunker

Axis & Allies Europe and Pacific 1940 ( including 2nd Edition ) is a game that is really produced to combine the two game boards together to make a mega game board in one: Axis & Allies Global 1940. To do this was in 2010 when Europe 1940 was released.

Just 2 years later in 2012, Larry Harris released a 2nd Edition to the original 1940 Europe and Pacific because there were a few tweaks that needed to be fixed, but in all really, not close to becoming an improved game bAxis & Allies 1942 - German Fleet.oard.

The main faults were in the rule books, the lack of pieces or what us gamers preferred and well, we all just accepted and modified the ways of playing to adjust our game.

The official website has always been floored with the amount of enthusiasts to this game, and some stick to the Forum, others do more. Young Grasshopper is a user name found on there with an answer you most likely need to hear from to get your questioned defiantly answered, sometimes in depth or just a yes or no, and feel confidant to continue with your game in an explained answer to your group.

Young Grasshopper looked further to help new players and created a You Tube account called The Cliffside Bunker.

This Axis & Allies 1942 - Germany at start of game.Torontonian Canadian starts at the beginning with his very 1st video on his custom built Game Table which he designed to play Axis & Allies 1940 2nd Edition.

Below I have gathered his videos. Searching by holding down Ctrl F ( for Find the word ) may help you search, or just scroll down the selection of video’s.

This I hope is ideal to find out for a *How to do that* in your game, Movement for Air Units, Amphibious Assaults, Blockers and Political Situation etc… I have placed a time in the video just a few seconds before he would explain the explanation of topic. On some cases, it may be best to watch the whole video as really, his full love goes into these video’s shot on a one time clip for however long it may be.

YGH pronunciations for each territory is great, and at times a little swearing comes out! I have learnt a great deal of information by watching these video’s, and for New Players, it sure is helpful. Thank You Young Grasshopper/The Cliffside Bunker, appreciate your time.



Grasshopper’s Axis & Allies G40 Custom Game Table

* Custom Game Table flyby of table, with special designed features 0:02

* Other companies for custom designed pieces 2:08

* Editions to the printed map 7:30

* Measurements to the table and cost ( CND )  11:10


Grasshopper’s G40 Handbook – Opening the boxes

A look inside the game boxes to make the Global 1940 game


How to play Axis & Allies Global 1940 2nd Edition For Beginners

P-1 How To Play Axis & Allies 1940 Global 2nd Edition

* Explains what Axis & Allies is including AnAG40 and length of play 0:10

* Order of play in brief 3:38

* Who is a minor power and major power and players choice of nations, colours of pieces per Nation 4:10

* Who are the Axis and who are the Allies 7:11

* Identifying the pieces used for a game of Axis & Allies Global 1940 2nd Edition 7:58

* How count units on a round chip 10:09

* IPC’s & income Tracker and accuracy on counting 11:02

* Game Turn sequence in brief 12:44


P-2 How To Play Axis & Allies 1940 Global 2nd Edition

Sea Units movement from Atlantic to Pacific. Straits & Canals. What are Islands.

* Learning Territories from Land and Sea incl Islands on the game board 0:35

* Original Territories IPC Value starting to IPC tracker & Colour of Game Board territories to which nation owned. 1:38

* Sea Zones & wrap around sea zones 3:58

* Strait & Canals brief rule/ownership 4:15

* Convoy and Kamikaze signs briefly 8:15

* Islands groups in same SZ. Counting movement from Islands and to islands incl AC with air 8:50

* Difs between 1st edition & 2nd edition map 10:40

* Capital Cities/Victory Cities brief 11:42

* Japanese territories in China & Chinese original control in China 12:15

* Navy Base movement example 13:28


P-3 How To Play Axis & Allies 1940 Global 2nd Edition

Political Situation. Neutral Territories. Mongolian Rule. National Objectives.

* Political Situations at beginning of the game – Who is at war and who is not with all nations 0.10

* Clarifying Russia at War also refer to P-4 How to play Axis & Allies 1940 Global 2ndE

* Neutral Territories: Strict, Pro Axis, Pro Allies. How to attack these territories or claim them. 3:20

* What happens when Strict Neutrals are attacked.

* Mongolian Rule briefed ( not in depth – Separate Video ) – Japan attacking Russia 6:25

* Dutch Islands 9:40

* National Objectives 10:45


P-4 How to play Axis & Allies 1940 Global 2ndE

UK Split Special Rules. USA & China restrictions. Kamikaze Rule.

* United Kingdom – Knowing the two Capitals and Split Economy 0:25

* Complete turn sequence playing the UK 1:30

* Deifying the territories for UK Europe and UK Pacific on the Global board 3:10

* USA not at war restrictions at sea 3:40

* USA at war Industry Complex’s 5:10

* China’s restrictions and territories rules 5:55

* Kamikaze rule in Pacific side of Global board 8:02

* Political Situation if Germany attacked the UK ( missed from P-3 ) video 10:40

* Research & Development break consequences 12:18


P-5 How to play Axis & Allies 1940 Global 2ndE

Research & Development and Repair DamageStrategic Bombing Raids. AA Guns & AAA Guns.

* Repair damage units 0:28

* What are Facilities & Capital Ships 1:12

* How and why Facilities get damaged 2:14

* Air Units introduction 2:30

* Steps how to do a Strategic Bombing Raid 2:52

* The difference between Anti Aircraft ( AA ) Guns & Anti Aircraft Artillery ( AAA ) Guns 6:05

* Enemy Strategic Bomber dice roll explained attacking a Facility with success 6:40

* What happens to the Damaged Facilities after a successful Strategic Bombing Raid 8:18

* Un-Operational ( damaged ) Facility and Operational Facility ( damaged but still in use ) 9:16

* Damaged Navy & Air Bases 10:58

* What attacking air units to be used on what enemy Facility’s in a Strategic Bombing Raid 12:20

* Damaged Capital Ships, how they get fixed 12:42


P-6 How to play Axis & Allies 1940 Global 2ndE

Purchasing New Units & Placing New Units. Placing Sea Units where Enemy ships are.

* Looking at the complete German pieces to purchase 0:30

* Where to place new units in the game 1:08

* Placing new Facilities ( Bases and Factories ) on the game board 1:54

* Placing new Sea Units 4:08

* What happens when you place your new Sea Units in a Sea Zone with enemy Sea Units 4:41

* Purchasing an Aircraft Carrier for your attacking Fighter to land safely 5:30

* Purchasing a Fighter/Tactical Bomber and place on the already stationed Aircraft Carrier 6:40

* Looking at the Order Of Play chart, what is easy, what is more complex in a round of play 7:40

* Collecting your income on the Income Tracker including income from a Captured Capital 9:05

*Downgraded Factory after Capturing a territory with a Major Factory 11:05

* Buying too many units for a Factory location, what do you do 11:34


P-7 How to play Axis & Allies 1940 Global 2ndE

How to play Convoy Disruptions Complete Rule

*Identifying Convoy Zones in the selected Sea Zones on the game board 0:32

* The backward explanation to the Convoy Rule 0:56

* What the Enemy ships are attacking in a Convoy Zone 1:52

* What Units count towards a Convoy Disruption and a successful Convoy Disruption 2:21

* Spotting Convoy’s on the board 5:19

* Full Convoy example’s where one Sea Zone boarders multiple enemy territories Europe 5:51

* Full Convoy example’s where one Sea Zone boarders multiple enemy territories Pacific 10:49


P-8 How to play Axis & Allies 1940 Global 2ndE

Basic Combat Movement stage in the order sequence. Understanding Sea Zones and land territories

* Looking at the Mobilization Zone box 3:15

* Moving land units spaces from one territory to another to an attack 4:23

* Understanding Sea Zone’s with Islands 503

* Counting movement space of Air Units leaving from an Aircraft Carrier or island 6:05

* Operational Navy Base advantage extra movement space 8:09

* Operational Air Base advantage extra movement space including if on an Aircraft Carrier 8:58

* Landing of your Air Unit to a safe/legal place including on a Aircraft Carrier 10:00

* How a Fighter or Tactical Bomber can safely land in a sea zone after a battle is over 12:24

* Planes leaving from Aircraft Carriers in a brief explanation 14:12


P-9 How to play Axis & Allies 1940 Global 2ndE

Scrambling Air Units in detail.

* What is Scrambling and the use of having an Operational Air Base 0:30

* The announcement for the defender to choose to Scramble or not focusing on the UK 1:08

* Explaining when you can Scramble from various territories to same Sea Zone, example on the UK 3:26

* Identify what your attacking Air Units are doing, land or sea attacks, example on the Philippians 4:48

* How Scrambling stop’s Navy Shore Bombardment 7:07

* Understanding the odd’s on your attack’s if or not they the defender, decide to scramble or not 8:43

* Supporting your defence to help Scramble defence 9:35

* When your opponent forgot about Scrambling rule 11:40

* Player noticing Convoy Navy Base vs Airbase Scramble reminder 14:03


P-10 How to play Axis & Allies 1940 Global 2ndE

Transports and Aircraft Carriers rules

* Aircraft Carrier – what can and can not carry 0:25

* Transport – what can and can not carry 1:12

* Transport legal movement between pick up Sea Zones and drop off units 2:53

* Transport tactical moves using Navy Bases: India 5:30 USA 6:30 Germany 7:30

* Enemy Blocker stopping Transport movement briefly discussed 10:07

* Using unit’s on a friendly Transport 11:25

* Planes landing on friendly Aircraft Carriers briefly discussed 12:14


P-11 How to play Axis & Allies 1940 Global 2ndE

Amphibious Assault’s. Use of Submarines & Transport’s in a Sea Zone.

* Attacking the Sea Zone the wrong way and right way including defending Scrambling air unit 1:11

* Supporting your transport beach landing in protecting the offloading units from Transport 2:23

* Sea attack, use Battleships as a damage hits for future turn to 4:24

* Shore Bombardments when it counts and when it is cancelled 5:30

* Using the Battleship’s and Cruiser’s at Navy Bombardment, defender land unit fire back 5:46

* Defender using Scramble to cancel Navy Bombardment 7:00

* Defender Transports preventing the possible Navy Bombardments 8:40

* Defender Submarine in the Sea Zone off loading only Transports 10:30

* Amphibious Assault attacking an adjacent territory with support from your land units near by 13:13


 P-12 How to play Axis and Allies 1940 Global 2ndE 

Amphibious Assault. Combined Arms. Tank Blitzing.

* Island Naval Amphibious Assault with Air Attack support 0:23

* Blitzing Tanks vs Mechanized Infantry units 1:18

* Combined Arm’s – Tank with Mechanized Infantry 2;35

* Tank’s and other units coming on and off a Transport movement 4:00

* Looking at the Combined Arm’s chart 6:12

* Destroyer on Submarine Combined Arm’s for Air units to fire at Submarines 7:26

* Tactical Bomber’s paired with Tank’s or Fighter 9:38

* Infantry and Mechanized Infantry paired with Artillery 11:12


P-13 How to play Axis & Allies 1940 Global 2ndE

Political Situation & Declaration Of War explained in detail. Dutch East Islands. USA. Mongolia

* Running over the Nations in the game 0:35

* Germany vs Neutral Nation Russia 1:10

* Neutral Nations and Germany attacking Russia 2:28

* Verbal Declaration of war 3:58

* Germany attacking UK or London before Turn 3 4:20

* USA Restrictions, a glance at the Turn Order chart 4:53

* Keeping the USA out of the War 6:43

* Unprovoked Attack in the Pacific 7:28

* The Dutch East Indies – Money Islands 9:40

* USA Neutral Nation restrictions and how USA comes into the war 10:42

* Russia vs Japan and Mongolia Rules 14:25

* Italy at War with Germany but makes an Unprovoked Attacks on Soviets 16:44

* Dutch Islands and French Indo China 18:53


P-14 How to play Axis & Allies 1940 Global 2ndE

The Pro’s & Con’s about the Rule Book for the Europe & Pacific for playing Global 1940 2nd Edition



Axis & Allies 1940 Global Strategy – Germany

Basic set up to talk about Sea Lion and the chemistry between the UK Europe and Germany opening rounds, Amphibious Assaults.

* Planning a basic Sea-Lion attack on London with Amphibious Assault 1:50

* German planes 5:21

* Attacking Pro Allied territory 7:50

* How to use the Strafe method in a combat 8:48

* The use of Allied Pro Neutrals in Europe 9:45

* How to fake Sea-Lion attack 11:22

* How to distract the UK Europe what to buy 12:15

* The UK Europe as a major threat to Germany

* Attacking Russia 17:30

Axis & Allies 1940 Global Strategy – Japan

Japan’s first move in the Pacific. Dutch Islands. Building Industry Complex’s and the idea to build for land troops. Blockers in the Sea. Invading China and India. Unprovoked attack and Provoked attack

* What are the Money Islands/ Dutch Islands and value for Japan 4:40

* Building Factories in China 6:10

* How to gain lots of IPC’s for Japan 8:15

* Calcutta threat 9:40

* Strategic Bombing Raids & Convoy 10:07

* Limiting UK Pacific’s IPC income 11:48

* Buying Mechanized Infantry Units vs Tanks 14:23

* Navy Sea Blockers in the Pacific 16:17

* Yo-yoing ( back and forth play ) Strategy 17:15

* National Objectives in depth for Japan and how to make Axis to win 23:45

* The importance on Japan taking Calcutta 30:22


Axis & Allies 1940 Global Strategy – Soviet Union

Focusing on the ground units how to come up against Germany. Far Far East Russia. China. Mongolia. Tanks vs Factory’s. Iraq.

* Stacking ground units, The Russian Line of defense 2:00

* Russian National Objective’s 9:40 & 22:06

* Iraq via Allied Northern Persia invasion Technical Rule 11:00

* What to do with the Far East Infantry including Mongolian Rule and Pact with Japan 14:00

* Russian’s entering China, verbal declaration of war on Japan 19:39

* Tanks Blitzing when Enemy Factory is present 23:28

Axis & Allies 1940 Global Strategy – United Kingdom

What to buy first for the UK. German possible moves. Taranto Raid. Amphibious Assault.


* The UK’s 2 Capitals, Loosing a Capital  1:10

* Fighters in London, should you Scramble them 3:55

* Germany picking up Big IPC’s off France 8:28

* UK E Round 1 best purchase  to prevent Sea Lion 9:08

* Controlling the Mediterranean: Taranto Raid with a bit of history on this Raid 10:08

* Scrambling support 14:12

* Using Air Unit movement spaces and where to land safe 15:00

* The use of ownership of the Suez Canal 19:10

* Amphibious Assault Navy Bombardment in Ethiopia 23:00

* Movement from a Navy Base 27:25

* UK P getting Standing Army in Persia 28:15

* Naval Transport Shuck 31:20


Axis & Allies 1940 Global Strategy – United States

Discuss how the game may be broken to favour the Allies. Good positioning in the Sea. Blockers. Convoy’s & Yo-Yo’s. Spanish Beach Head. Strategic Bombers.

* How to decide in depth which side to priorities the most, Europe or Pacific 6:00

* Blockers 10:20

* Good positions for your Pacific Navy 10:45

* Convoy’s on Japan Sea Zones 12:48

* Important Strategic position in the Pacific –  Carolina Island 15:00 & 20:22

* Important Strategic Position in Europe Sea Zone 91 ( Gibraltar ) 16:48

* Spanish Beach Head in depth including shucking transports ( turning Strict Neutrals to Axis ) 22:15

* Yo-Yoing with the Navy & Blockade 27:47

* USA loosing a big fleet disadvantage in Pacific 29:55

* Counting land units to your Transports 34:00

* Brazil pick up 37:02

* Strategic Bombers movement and advantage 39:00

Axis & Allies 1940 Global Strategy – Italy

A look into the move for Italy after the UK plays. Vital Germany & Italian relationship explained.

* Taranto Raid occurs from the UK 2:57

* Getting Cairo or Moscow 5:20

* Italian moves in Africa 11:45

* Getting the Allies Strict Neutrals choosing between Germany & Italy including Strafing 16:40

* Why Tobruk is important territory to threaten Cairo 18:25

* Italy’s National Objectives explained how to gain more IPC’s 19:53

* Can Opener move to Russia 28:15

* Blocker 29:40


Full Turn Game run through of each Nation


P-1 A&A G40 Runthrough – Setup

This is a real time set up for setting up Axis & Allies 1940 2nd Edition Game


P-2 A&A G40 Runthrough – Germany

Germany’s first move. Neutral Territories. Convoy’s. Combined Arm’s. Dice Rolling.

* Counting out Air Movement’s with legal landing spots on Sea and land 6:09

* Placement of newly built Aircraft Carrier and why 6:46

* Submarines vs Destroyers vs Air Units including Scrambling 11:35

* Importance of Germany attacking France/Paris 14:15

* AA Guns defense 15:18

* Attacking Neutral territories ( not your side ) 17:15

* Strafing explained and how it is done 18:08

* Convoying 20:12

* German Political Situation Bonus IPC rule & Act of War 21:08

* Combined Arms on Ground units 23:05

* When to declare Scrambling explained 24:25

* Order of Resolve Combat phase and rolling Dice 28:33

* Submarine Surprise Attack vs Destroyer & Auto Kill 30:08

* Combined Arms on Air units 31:50

* Bad dice rolling to be prevented by arguments 35:40

* Capital Ships taking 2 hits 38:05

* Submarine Surprise Attack run through 42:45

* Using the Battle Board on attacks ( in Paris ) 46:40

* Attacking an enemy territory with no attacks 53:40

* Who rolls the Neutral Standing Army’s on defence 55:20

* Educate dice rolls very clear to save arguments 57:30

* Moving your Ait Units after battle including Aircraft Carrier

* Industry Complex Factory rule on Political circumstances 103:10

* Handing over your Nations IPC’s to the enemy once Capital taken 104:55

* Taking your Pro Neutral territory and Standing Army boost 105:40

* What’s allowed in a newly gained territory on a non combat move of your round 107:40

* Placing Air unit on the Purchased Aircraft Carrier in non combat move 113:55

* Collect Income Stage, adjusting the Income Tracker, National Objectives you achieved 115:10


P-3 A&A G40 Runthrough – Soviet Union Mistakes by players. Political Situation. When you are not in War. North Persia.

* When mistakes happen not in the rule book 0:26

* Missing Convoy’s Disruption vs Scrambling rule 3:38

* Customization to play Axis & Allies 8:42

* Neutral Russia’s Political Situation explained Verbally & Declaration Of War 10:50

* Mongolian Rule explained Negated and Activated Japan vs Russia 14:35

* If Russia has been already attacked by European Nation 18:25

* Skipping most of the round phases on your turn 19:08

* Navy Base movement of a Neutral Nation submarine to a legal shared Sea Zone of future enemy 21:30

* Positioning future Convoy Sea Zones with your Convoy vessels explained 21:56

* Blocker with a Cruiser 25:01

* Sub vs Destroyer vs Air Units explained Submarine advantage 26:35

* Russian Line of defense 27:28

* Rule on Northern Persia Pro Allied Neutral. how Russia needs the UK to help them get to Iraq 28:00

* Black Silhouettes Standing Army in Neutral Territories used as Blockers against blitzing tanks 31:00

* How Russia can get Iraq early if in War by Germany by round 2 32:45

* Moving the Far East Russian Units 34:41

* Positioning around the Pripet Marshes surrounding territories 37:00

* The use of Tactical Fighters ( Combined Arm’s ) 40:08

* Disadvantages for Russia not being at War Political situation 41:55


P-4 A&A G40 Runthrough – Japan

The use of Aircraft Carriers & Air Units. Counting Air Units and Spaces. Attacks on China. Amphibious Assault with Scrambling. Aggressive Attacks.

* How to do a Verbal Declaration Of War 2:30

* When to fix your damaged Capital ships and damaged Facilities 3:50

* What J-1 Attack means 5:08

* Counting air units across territories from a stationed Aircraft Carrier vs an Air Base & legal landing 5:19

* How to pick up land units on a Transport 8:32

* Clarification on your Amphibious Assault Air attacks 10:29

* Japan attacks on China with Air movements 11:46

* Advantages to Aircraft Carriers to your advantage 16:49

* Big Amphibious Assault walk through in different explanations in Sea and Land 23:52

* Use of Operational Navy Base & Convoy positioning 36:00

* Non Combat tactical moves on land and sea 37:09

* How Japan can get the Money Islands early in the game J1/J2 41:10

* How to add up your new IPC’s on the board and adjusting the IPC Income Tracker 44:47

* Collecting income ( 2nd from last phase ), National Objectives & Political Situations 48:33


P-5 A&A G40 Runthrough – United States

USA Complete move. USA Political Situation. Factories.

* Political Situation USA, when does the USA Minor Industry Complex become a Major Complex 0:30

* Overview of the Game Board before purchasing units 2:23

* Ratio on buying purchase on the USA, Atlantic or Pacific 7:56

* Legal safe landing for Air Units in a Sea Zone using an Aircraft Carrier 30:11

* Importance to keep relations with a Destroyer and Submarine 13:55

* The USA Non Combat phase in Atlantic & Pacific in detailed explanation 22:08

* Convoy Disruption Stage not in the Phase order 29:28

* Positives with USA National Objectives overview 32:06

* Keeping USA strong, but not caught out 38:00


P-6 A&A G40 Runthrough – China

Why China has no Complex. Japan’s placement in China. Chinese Territories. USA Flying Tiger.

* Be smart playing China where to place your new units 2:45

* China’s Advantage Special Ability’s and disadvantages 3:00

* What are Chinese Original Territories relations to Japan and Factories 4:34

* When China add’s Hong Kong and/or Burma IPC value to Chinese IPC income 5:30

* USA Flying Tiger Fighter rules based in China & Chinese land restrictions 6:08

* China’s only 1 National Objective, Burma Road 6:35

* Chinese & Russian secret relations helping game play vs Japan 8:34

* Explained Political Situation between UK, Japan & USA allowing Uk to enter China 11:40

* How to place new Chinese units without a Chinese Factory 19:50

* Painting a brighter picture when playing China 21:34

* Japan’s fake moves and aggression in China 23:15


P-7 A&A G40 Runthrough – United Kingdom

UK Split Nation. Taranto Raid. Amphibious Assault with land units from adjacent territories. Scrambling. Income Tracker.

* Political Situation Specialty rule in each nation 0:15

* Why the UK has a Split Economy in Europe & Pacific with 2 capital Cities 1:28

* When players repair Facilities and fix Capital Ships in the game 2:55

* How the 2 capitals do phases separately 3:24

* Explanation the money the 2 capitals of the UK 4:18

* How the territories IPC value for UK Europe and UK Pacific 5:02

* Explaining how you have money ( IPC ) on your very first move 6:42

* UK classic Taranto Raid in Mediterranean and prepare for it, and Blockers explained in detail 12:18

* Moving Air units by counting it’s movements and legal safe landing on Aircraft Carrier 17:25

* Good and Bad to get The Money Island’s/Dutch East Indies vs Japan 22:20

* Amphibious Assault how to attack when also your land units mixed during your attack 24:30

* Why your units on transport can not retreat in an attack during an Amphibious Assault 25:25

* The importance announcing your Combat Move is over 29:15

* What is an Amphibious Assault and what is not 30:16

* When the defender ( your enemy ) announces to Scramble Air Units 30:24

* Sacrificing the gamble on attacks 32:00

* Navy Sea on shore bombardment for a Cruiser and battleships explained if a hit on enemy units 36:36

* Using combined arms on land and rolling the battle 37:50

* Fighting a damaged Capital ship 40:42

* The battle roll attack for Taranto using the Battle Board and explanation on attacks and defence with combined arms 43:08

* Rolling the dice in a battle and negotiating what to take off as a casualty including a capital ship 45:18

* What happens when you kill off your Aircraft Carrier for your safe landing Air unit 48:50

* The success of a Taranto Raid for the Allies and if Scrambling a good idea example 52:35

* Explanation of UK unis traveling between the Pacific and Europe board being Split Economy 57:12

* How to chip up your units 59:50

* When the UK is at War with Japan, can move into China territory 1:01:98

* Placing your Split UK economy unit’s In the Place New Units phase 1:05:12

* Explanation on how the UK is one Nation vs Split Economy with Collect Income IPC’S 1:05:30

* Learning the Income Tracker, National Objectives and Collect Income 1:07:20

* What is UK Territories Europe & Pacific IPC value Economy 1:10:40


P-9 A&A G40 Runthrough – ANZAC

The Pacific with ANZAC/UK/USA & Japan. Dutch Islands. Pacific Political Situation.

* Spotting out Convoy Disruptions 0:23

* Looking at Sea Zones spaces and distance of travel and Blockers and Air/Navy Bases for strategy 4:35

* ANZAC’s National Objectives vs Japan’s 8:52

* Why Bases are important for an ANZAC player to look out for vs Japanese Navy 10:45

* Working together with multinational Nations 13:36

* Explanation how the ANZAC and UK reacting the same Political Situation 15:20

* Dutch Islands/Money Islands Political Situation for the Pacific Nations 16:00

* Dutch New Guinee National Objective rule with use of ANZAC transport 18:08

* Damaged Facilities lesson 25:33

* Forgetting to do a phase in your turn 32:20

* Using land units as Blockers 33:48

* Dutch Islands Political Situation with Allied Air Units explained 50:55

* What to do if I bought extra units that can’t go on my Industry Complex 59:45


P-10 A&A G40 Runthrough – France

Using your French units with No Capital. Analysing Turn 2 of every Nation.

* What odd’s can I do with France once Paris is taken 3:54

* After round 1 what the game board looks like 15:00

* Germany’s Turn 2 purchase look over with French IPC’s 16:14

* Dark Skies with Strategic Bombers 18:00

* What are Broken Unit’s 18:42

* The good use of Japanese Air Units vs Enemy AA guns 33:48

* How to transport units to Dutch Islands 37:50



A&A G40 Briefing #1

How to destroy enemy AA Guns from land and air attacks.


A&A G40 Briefing #2

Convoy Disruptions


A&A G40 Briefing #3

Amphibious Attack with Navy Bombardment.


A&A G40 Briefing #4

How to stop Submarines from moving in a non combat move caused by a Scramble.


A&A G40 Briefing #5

Neutral Territory with no Standing Army Allied Tanks vs Axis Tanks Blitz movement.


A&A G40 Briefing #6

What stops attacking tanks from Blitzing prevented by Facilities

* Facilities 0:55

* Roundels/Control Markers 1:26

* Game Aid’s used in the game to help your game 2:18

* Cardboard Trays for the pieces and National set up charts 3:19

* Land, Air and Sea Units pieces 4:23

* Looking at the map and rule book’s 5:28


Grasshopper’s G40 Handbook – Assigning nations among players

How to divide players up vs what the rule book recommends from a 1-7 players.


A&A G40 – Roll Call

One way to decide who plays what for a game of Axis & Allies Global 1940


The balance of competition & sportsmanship

Game Disputes and how to try to solve them without too much arguing.

* Rolling the dice 1:00

* Reading the Rule Book of equal skill level 2:55

* Being Challenge of a move 3:40

* Doing your turn phase and wanting to go back and playing nice to a certain point 5:00

* Example when Announcing your Combat Movement Phase is over forgetting about Scramble rule 8:58

* Solving the Placing New Units phase movement mistakes 16:36

* The elements of forgiveness in the game 21:13

* When Fun turns Angry 22:30

* Psychology emotions of the Dice rolling 23:23


G40 Classroom – Kamikaze Tokens

How to use Kamikaze in the Pacific

* Where are the Kamikaze Sea Zones 5:35

* Japanese Kamikaze’s vs Japanese Scramble Units 2:26

* How to use the Kamikaze token’s 3:20

* USA attacking a Kamikaze Sea Zone 5:35

* Announcing Kamikaze and Scrambling in same defence 6:25

* Surface Warships Only to be targeted as Kamikaze hits 8:00

* How to deploy your Japanese Kamikaze hits on the attacking Warships 9:50

* Rolling your Kamikaze attacks before any defending Scrambling 11:30

* The best way to avoid Japanese Kamikaze Sea Zones attacks 16:50


G40 Classroom – AA Artillery units

Understanding the number of shots to incoming enemy Air Units. AAA vs AA Guns.

* The difference between the AA Artillery and AA Guns 0:18

* When AA Artillery can move on land and not in your attack 1:50

* When AA Artillery units don’t fire at enemy air units 2:10

* How AA Artillery Guns work up against enemy air units 3:10

* How and when the AA Artillery fires at enemy air units 4:48

* If the AA Artillery hit an enemy air unit 5:55

* Defending and using the AA Artillery Gun as a hit 7:32

* When to move your AA Artillery Gun in your turn phase 9:24

* AA Artillery does not fire in any Strategic Bombing Raids 14:45


G40 Classroom – Neutral territories

What the black Standing Army’s do and value. Mongolian Rule. AA Guns. Political Situations.

* Where are the Neutral Territories on the game board 0:10

* Non Passable territories 0:40

* Three types of a Neutral Territory and why they are in the game in a Political Situation  1:37

* How to attack a Standing Army infantry units in a Pro Neutral Territory that is not your side’s 2:35

* How to get the Standing Army Infantry units added to your army 3:50

* Neutral Territories can not be flown over by any side 5:28

* How to activate an enemy Neutral Territory 5:47

* Attacking a Strict Neutrals Territory rule and consequences 6:30

* Tanks blitzing through Neutral Territories rule 8:35

* Non combat move taking your Pro Neutral 10:45

* Mongolian Rule territory 11:50

* Unit’s that can claim the Pro Neutral territory’s 14:22

* Must be at War 15:16

* Understanding the Political Situation’s 15:50


G40 Classroom – The Mongolian rule

Understanding in depth how Mongolia Political Situation work on the Global game


G40 Classroom – Placing Facilities

Japan’s Industry Complex in China. Minor vs Major Complex. Air & Navy Bases.

* What is a Facility and where are they located 0:13

* What happens when the territory gets conquered with Industry Complex factory 1:17

* Placing legal Industry Complex in your territory 2:04

* Liberating territories with a Factory in China only rule 4:20

* Where you can and can not place Major & Minor complex’s 6:00

* Originally Controlled territory’s stop Major Factories being built by enemy 07:58

* Navy & Air Bases placements vs Industry Factory’s 8:45

* What islands can I place an Industry Complex 9:15

* Buying a new Base 12:02

* IPC value when placing your new Industry Complex and Bases 12:44


G40 Classroom – Damaging Facilities

Value of Complex’s. Facilities being attacked. How to fix damaged facilities.

* What are Facilities and what do they look like 0:20

* How Facilities are damaged in a game of Axis & Allies and value of Complex’s 1:34

* Maxing out an Industry Factory Complex from a Strategic Bombing Raid 3:20

* What is an Operational Factory Complex and a Damaged/Un-Operational Factory 4:30

* When is the Repair Damaged Units phase in my turn sequence 6:14

* I Capture an enemy territory with a Major or Minor Facility, but it is still damaged 7:42

* Damaged Bases ( Air and Navy ) 10:20

* Which Facility is best to conduct a Strategic Bombing Raid 12:55

* Placing new units but forgot to fix some damages on my Repair Damaged Unit’s phase 14:30

* What Facilities can be attacked by enemy Air units 17:15

* How does a damaged Capital Ship get repaired if the Navy Base is un-operational on my turn 18:25


A&A DE Tutorial – Strategic Bombing Raids

A heavily explanation on conducting a SBR

* What is an Strategic Bombing Raid ( SBR ) 0:12

* What Air Units on attack and defend are used in a Strategic Bombing Raid 1:30

* When does the Strategic Bombing Raid happen 3:35

* The order of a first round of a Strategic Bombing Raid 4:00

* What are the hits on the dice for a Strategic Bombing Raid 4:55

* Strategic Bombing Raid attacker does not declare what Facilities they are attacking 5:40

* Built in AA Guns vs AA Artillery Guns and when firing at the attacking Air Units 7:35

* Strategic Bombers adding an extra two on there dice roll vs Tactical Bomber 12:15

* What each Air unit does during a SBR 16:18


A&A DE Tutorial – Research & Development

Goes over the order of these optional rule of R&D phase.


A&A DE Tactics – Aircraft and Carriers

* Air units aboard the Aircraft Carrier is not tied to each other 4:30

* How Air units move off an Aircraft Carrier in the Sea Zone to other Sea Zones 5:10

* How Aircraft Carriers provide a legal landing spot for your Air Units 5:55

* What help Aircraft Carriers are there for in the game 11:40

* When in my game phase do my Air Units land on Aircraft Carriers 14:00


A&A DE 1940 Strategy – Operation Sealion

Turn 1 move. Scrambling. Buying your units. Communication with your side. Faking your move.

* What is Sealion strategy 0:18

* How to plan a Sealion in three ways 1:32

* Germans planning an attack on the UK 3:10

* What to look out for if the German player is going for Sealion 4:45

* Faking the Sealion attack 7:55

* Why does the German player want to take London if it’s risky 11:30

* Germans first round move if doing a Sealion attack 14:50

* Germans best purchase when playing Germany is Air Units 21:45

* Communication between Germany and Japan 25:20

* How a player can choose not to spend the IPC’s in units in a round 27:50

* A Transport shuck method 31:32

* Best defensive purchase for the UK London 32:34

* Russia communication with the UK player on German’s move by getting tanks 36:15

* Advantages of doing a Sealion helps USA take pressure off Japan 43:15

* The use of Blockers in the Sea 48:26

* Logistically thinking when planning your move 51:00

* Doing a late fake Sealion attack on London 59:06

* Understanding when to fake Sealion and to make the attack 1:04:30



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